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At this time the State of Illinois is allowing gyms to open up with some very strict guidelines.  Mango Combat Sports will be opening up on June 1st, 2020 and has come up with some temporary operational and training changes that will be put in place in an attempt to follow all State guidelines and keep everyone safe.  These new guidelines will be constantly reviewed and altered as needed based on the most recent data provided to us by our healthcare professionals.

We are extremely excited to be back but want to make sure we re-open in a safe and responsible way.

We are all one family at Mango Combat and we are in this together and welcome your suggestions, comments, or concerns. Please feel free to reach out to us @ the following:

Brian Norris 847-387-0489 
Doug Mango 815-814-4076 
Temporary Operational Guidelines

Temperature check and health screen at entrance

All members and their guests will have their temperature checked and asked questions regarding
any symptoms.

Strict social distancing

Participants will have an area to train which will be properly social distant from any other participant at any given time. Seating space for audience members will be available throughout the facility and MCS staff will continue to remind everyone to please keep a safe distance between separate households.

Limited Audience

Although Mango Combat Sports will not ask any family member to leave the facility, we are asking for everyone’s cooperation in reducing the amount of people who come watch participants train. We love having a full house bursting with enthusiastic and proud family members, however unfortunately this is not the time and we need to be safe above all else.

Mango Combat Sports would also ask that all non-participants wear facial covering of some type.

Staggered exiting (especially youth classes)

At the end of all MCS classes we traditionally line up, bow and then high-five our fellow competitors. For the time being this will be replaced with bowing in place and students being dismissed 1 at a time to allow them to gather their belongings and their families to leave without creating a bottleneck at our exit and violate social distancing.

Fresh Air Flow and Outdoor Training

Mango Combat Sports will either train outside (weather permitting) or make sure fresh air is circulated throughout our facility with the use of fans and open overhead doors.

Additional time between classes

MCS has always prided itself on being an extremely clean facility, however during this pandemic we will be taking extra time between each class to wipe down and clean any part of the facility that the previous class had trained on.

Temporary Training Alterations

Combat Sports by their very nature require close contact, during this time of strict social distancing Mango Combat Sports will keep our focus on combat sports by working on fundamentals and increasing our emphasis on strength and conditioning thus allowing us to adhere to the required space needed per participant.

All training will be outside (weather permitting) or all overhead doors & regular doors will be opened, and fresh air circulated with the use of industrial fans.

Whenever partnering up is absolutely necessary, we will use the same pairs as often as possible.

Jiu-Jitsu class will be reformatted to work on combat sports fundamentals with a heavy emphasis on strength and conditioning. We will also have life size grappling dummies available when needed. (Thursday’s Kids Jiu-Jitsu class will be temporarily suspended)

Mango Combat Sports has always done everything possible to have equipment available for people to use if unable to purchase (Gloves, Pads, Headgear etc..) however during this time we feel it would be extremely beneficial and much safer for everyone to purchase and use their own equipment. For this reason, Mango Combat Sports will stock additional items and make them available at the lowest cost possible as well as making payment options available. If the financial investment is still too much at this time, we will make special arrangements to loan out specific equipment to specific members.

No Sparring

Mango Combat Sports has acquired additional (stand-alone) Heavy Bags. This will allow our members to continue to work on their striking and not violate social distancing guidelines.

Mango Combat Sports will limit class sizes as to always have enough space for proper social distancing.

MCS instructors and personnel will wear face covering whenever feasible.

MCS will have additional personnel to monitor and enforce all COVID-19 Guidelines.

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Dr. Doug Mango (aka Fight Dr.)

Dr. Doug Mango

Coach Mango has been teaching combative sports for over 30 years. He is one of the only coaches in the world to train and teach fighters at the highest level. In Boxing, Thai Boxing, and Mixed Martial Arts. One of the ways Coach Mango has achieved this is through the study of body mechanics. He has a way of creating a style that fits the fighter, and not the fighter to a style. Coach Mango started his career off in Amateur Boxing. He then moved to California where he studied and taught Thai Boxing at San Jose Thai Boxing Academy. Shortly after, he became the head fight coach there. He trained a short time at Ralph Gracies Academy under David Camarillo and BJ Penn. After 11 years of training and teaching in Cali, he moved back to Illinois to be closer with his family. He then met and started teaching and coaching Jeff Curran. Jeff was gracious enough to let Coach Mango help him start and help run The world famous Curran Martial Arts and MMA and Boxing team. Coach Mango has opened a new facility with his business partner Brian Norris. Looking to create new champions under his tutelage.

Notable fighters Coach Mango has worked with:

Brian Norris

Brian Norris

I was first introduced to boxing as a young child through the Chicago Park District. Unfortunately, time and distance made competing during my childhood impossible. After college, I began a career in law enforcement where I have had the incredible opportunity to serve in several facets of policing, including but not limited to homicide, human trafficking, sex related offenses and finally where I have spent the majority of my career in narcotics. During my time working in narcotics, I have had the opportunity to do under cover work, as well as, work with other task forces and ultimately becoming a federal task force officer (TFO) myself with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). During my career, I have been honored to receive Letters of Commendation, the Cook County Award of Merit for Excellence in Law Enforcement and Police Officer of the year in 2015 from Schiller Park. During my career I have received extensive training in defensive tactics as well as, studying the Martial Art of Kempo in my early years.

Over the past several years, my intense passion for boxing resurfaced. I began to train recreationally at Hyper Fitness, Pugs boxing, and finally finding my home at Curran MMA in Crystal Lake and meeting my future business partner Doug Mango. I trained with Doug for several years and began to help Doug with his competitive fighters whether it be holding mitts, general fitness, or working corners. My passion and love for boxing and combat sports in general continue to grow. I am now fortunate to have this opportunity to partner up with Doug and introduce Mango Combat Sports. Our goal and mission is, to create a gym with a family atmosphere that fulfills everyone’s combat sports and fitness needs. From the seasoned veteran on our fight team to the first day novice, we will strive to treat everyone with respect and the dedication they need and deserve to not only reach, but to surpass their every goal.

Tim Cho

Tim Cho

Tim Cho is currently and has been a crossfit trainer at Crosskicks Fitness since 2016. Tim grew up in Barrington, IL and his hobbies include  Acrobatic yoga, bouldering, hiking, running, and hanging out with awesome people! He currently competes as mixed martial artist (MMA) and has a current professional record of 6-3. Tim’s mixed martial artist career stems from his wrestling background in middle and high school. Wrestling taught him discipline and how to diet right. He also learned the value of hard work, perseverance, and determination. After finishing up high school Tim joined the military in 2012.  Tim is currently serving in the U.S. Army reserves as a sergeant, soon to be the drill sergeant at the 3-334th unit in Milwaukee.  In 2013 Tim began competing in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Tim also continued his education at Mchenry County College, obtaining his Associates degree in Applied science, specializing in Health and fitness management.  As a fighter, Tim obtained an amateur record of 5-0 in MMA and  competed in boxing at the Golden Gloves in 2014/2015. Making it to the finals in 2015. During this time in his fight career Tim continued to pursue his second passion of personal training by taking an  opportunity to shadow/ intern many amazing trainers from a small group functional training (All American training), cardio kickboxing(Title boxing club), one on one personal training(fitness 19), Crossfit (Crossfit Pally).  In 2015 Tim began his professional career in MMA and currently has a record of 6 wins 3 losses competing in events for HFC, Victory, The XFO, Pure FC, Pinnacle FC and Bellator MMA.  Tim is well versed in Boxing, Thai Boxing and Jiu-Jitsu.  Tim will not only be working as a trainer for Mango Combat Sports but will also be competing in MMA and Boxing under Team Mango banner.

Cpr and First Aid
CFL1 (Crossfit)
AAS Health and fitness Management

Sarah “Savage” Curran

Sarah "Savage" Curran

Sarah is 26 years of age, she is currently a professional boxer with an active record of 3-1-1.  Sarah has been training under the “Fight Doctor” Doug Mango for over 11 years.  Sarah had a very successful amateur career, competing and winning the Golden Gloves Amateur boxing championship in 2014.  Sarah has been working with young fighters for several years now, something she is continuing to do here at Mango Combat Sports.   Along with working with young fighters Sarah continues to pursue championships in her professional boxing career. In her down time Sarah enjoys nature, longboarding and pizza.  Sarah is a loving wife and mother of two Labrador pups.

Chris Hartwig

Chris Hartwig

Proud father and husband, bjj black belt under Jeff “Big Frog” Curran for over two years, 12+ years Bjj experience, 10+ years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach, 4+ years Bjj teaching experience, former amateur MMA champion, multiple time NAGA and U.S Grappling champion,Metamorris Chicago Regional champion, Fight to Win Pro black belt competitor, multiple time pro grappling competitor. Co owner DeKalb County BJJ. Former two time all conference collegiate athlete with a bachelors degree in criminal justice.

Ground Fighting for Law Enforcement

Event Date: 12-16/2018

MCS presents a very special training for Law Enforcement only, hosted by MCS’ very own Chris Hartwig; Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, 12+ years BJJ experience, 10+ years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach, former amateur MMA Champion, winner of multiple NAGA an U.S. grappling Championships, former 2-time all-conference collegiate athlete with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Chris will be presenting a two-hour (11am – 1pm) law enforcement based seminar focused on life saving moves if you are ever confronted with a situation of fighting for your life with an assailant on the ground.

Limited Space Available please confirm your spot as soon as possible by calling Brian Norris @ 847-387-0489.

St Patrick’s Eve party

Event Date: Saturday, March 16th, 2019 – 6pm-10pm

Parents can enjoy a night out and leave the kids with us. We will have 3 hours of non-stop fun! We will have games, relay races, dancing for the kids with high energy. There will also be crafts and coloring for the creative kids. We will wind them down with a movie towards the end of the night.


$25.00 per child
$15.00 per siblings

Register by 3/14 and receive a $5 discount

Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

Event Date: Saturday December 14, 2019 – 12:30pm to 4:30pm

Registration is now open for our incredible FREE Women’s Self-defense Seminar

Domenica Jaramillo

Chris Hartwig

Domenica Jaramillo is currently a college student at Harper College studying Kinesiology (The study of the mechanics of body movements) and personal training. Domenica competes in both Softball and Track & Field at the collegiate level. Domenica also competes as an amateur boxer with Mango Combat Sports where she won the 2019 Chicago Golden Gloves Championship at 119lbs. Domenica has a passion for fitness and pursuit of excellence in all her endeavors. Domenica’s knowledge of fitness, body movement as well as her athletic abilities and passion for combat sports will make her an excellent addition to the Mango Combat Sports / Fitness Family.

Mango Combat Sports Fight Night

Event Date: Saturday, October 5, 2019 at 7 PM – 11 PM

MCS and USA Boxing proudly present MANGO COMBAT SPORTS FIGHT NIGHT. Please come enjoy a great night of amateur boxing with 9 exciting bouts and 1 very special exhibition featuring a Schiller Park Policeman vs a Firefighter. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the 100 Club for the families of fallen first responders.

Event Prices:

Justin Peete

Justin Peete

Justin Peete joins Mango Combat Sports with a very extensive and extremely impressive wrestling background. Justin is a 2 time Illinois national wrestling team member, a division 2 college wrestler, University of Wisconsin Whitewater wrestling coach (4 years), ISI wrestling club head coach, (top 3 clubs in the state) 6 years, Wizards wrestling coach for 4 years (top 50 kids clubs in the nation). Justin coached 5 plus state champions and 2 national champions at the high school level. Justin also coached a 2-time national champion and a national finalist at the college level. Justin is also actively competing in amateur boxing and mixed martial arts with Mango Combat Sports.